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About Tom Morkes

Do you want to make more money with less effort from your writing, art, or business?

If so, you came to the right place.

I’m Tom Morkes and I help people create, market, and launch 5 and 6-figure digital products (from books and courses, to service-based platforms, and more).

But before we get to me, let’s talk about you…

How I Will Help You Succeed

Marcus Aurelius once wrote:

“The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious.”

If that’s true, why does it seem like everyone online (and off) is doing the same thing?

If you’ve read a lot of blogs, I’m sure you’ve noticed the echo-chamber of rehashed ideas.

Be everywhere! Be authentic! Start an instafacesnapinterestiscope account to sell $10 billion in 4 hours (and look sexier naked)!

You get the idea.

It’s the same basic stuff, repeated again and again, at best with a  fresh coat of paint.

And where does that get you?


Here’s the deal, I believe everyone has a great, creative project inside them.

Something waiting to be taken seriously; something begging to be given the chance…

But I also know that you won’t get where you want to go (or become who you were meant to become) by following the crowd.

That’s why I write this blog – for the creative outliers of the world.

So whether you’re:

I can show you a better, faster, cheaper way to do it by organizing the non-obvious.

Still with me?


The Fastest Way to Get Where You Want to Go…

Is rarely a straight line.

In fact, it usually means taking a very indirect, unconventional approach.


Because the beaten path is full and if you want to stand out from the crowd (which you must do if you want to make an impact or make money), you need to do the things other people aren’t doing.

I’m not going to sugar coat it – most people usually aren’t doing these things because they’re harder…and that’s exactly why you will succeed where others fail.

Want help?

Building and launching a book, blog, or business is hard work.

You shouldn’t go it alone.

That’s why I started The Resistance – a growing army of creative insurgents, disrupting the status-quo in business, art, and writing.

Every week, I share things that are working for me RIGHT NOW when it comes to marketing and selling online.

And these aren’t theoretical insights.

These are real results from real experiments that I’m using to market and sell my products and services, and those of my clients.

The best part:

I keep the very best stuff exclusive to my free newsletter.

Click here to get access to cutting edge marketing and sales insights you won’t find on the blog.


What People are Saying

Ryan-Hanley“When I’m looking for business smarts, not just Internet business, but business smarts, Tom is one of the first people I turn to. It started with PWYW product launches and now he is one of my primary advisors on the launch of my latest book. His work has my highest recommendation.” – Ryan Hanley, Hanley Media Lab

john corcoran“Tom is that rare combination of great work ethic, positive attitude and willingness to learn. He has a smart and savvy take on business and in particular how to grow a business. He’s one of my most trusted advisors whenever I have a question about my own business.” – John Corcoran, Founder of SmartBusinessRevolution.com, prior writer for the White House

jonathan-mead“Tom is one of those rare people that you meet and just know they’re a rising star, on their way to greatness. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with him on the Paid to Exist book and having his guidance launching it. His hustle, heart and commitment to giving courageously makes him shine. I’m grateful to have him in my corner.” – Jonathan Mead, Founder of PaidtoExist.com

About Tom Morkes

seen or featured in

Hey, I’m Tom Morkes, CEO of Insurgent Publishing, a book publishing and marketing company that brings unconventional nonfiction to the creative outliers of the world.

We’ve published a half dozen books, including Paid to Exist and The Money Freedom Roadmap, both by Jonathan Mead, The High-Performance Athlete by Dr. Jason Winkle, and The Growth Hacker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Jeff Goldenberg and Mark Hayes.

We also provide full-service book marketing services, launching multiple bestsellers including: The 7 Day Startup, Stop Thinking Like a Freelancer, Do You Talk Funny?, The Art of Work, and The End of Jobs among others.

You can read about how I launched these books here and here (external links).

I believe in transparency, which is why I share my experiences on this blog, and teach what I learn (as an example, here’s a free 7 day course on how to launch a book to bestseller, which shares Insurgent Publishing’s approach to book launches).

History + Longer Bio of Tom Morkes

In 2012, I authored the book The Art of Instigating, which I subsequently gave away for free to all of my readers (all 10 of them).

Notes From Seth Godin's Revolution Conference by Tom MorkesIn early 2013, I decided I wanted to validate myself as a writer by seeing if people would pay for my work, but I also didn’t want to charge. So I released Notes From Seth Godin’s Revolution Conference as “Pay What You Want.” I thought people would laugh at me. Instead, I made close to $500 in the first month.

This surprised me for two reasons.

First, it taught me that maybe people would pay for my writing (maybe I was good enough, contrary to what the Enemy would have me believe).

Second, it taught me that people would pay even if they didn’t have to.

This experience inspired me so much that I decided to share my story in a Fizzle.co article (external link).

Once again, the response was overwhelming. This article instigated so much feedback, both positive and negative, that I decided to dive head first into Pay What You Want pricing, testing out the pricing technique with products (digital and physical), and services (which, turns out, allowed me to make more money per hour than most doctors and lawyers in the US).

The Complete Guide to Pay What You Want Pricing by Tom Morkes

After about 10 months of testing, I compiled my experiments and research into a new book: The Complete Guide to Pay What You Want Pricing. While I sell this book using Pay What You Want pricing (clever, right?), I’ve been able to make over $7,000 from people’s generous contributions, which I believe gives testament to the power of generosity (and that authors can make a living from their writing, as this is just one of many books I’ve written and published).

This book also went semi-viral, landing me interviews and appearances on podcasts, blogs, and radio shows around the world, including Growthhacker.tv, Problogger.net, Gumroad.com, and Mirasee (former FirepoleMarketing), among dozens of others.

In the Spring of 2014, I co-founded and launched a “Pay What You Want” business incubator, which I believe was the first of its kind. We did $41,000 for the launch of the in-person event, then followed up with the digital launch several weeks later.

In the Fall of 2014, I co-founded HighSpeedLowDrag.org alongside John Lee Dumas of EntrepreneurOnFire.com and Antonio Centeno of RealMenRealStyle.com. HighSpeedLowDrag.org is a platform to help veterans transition into the civilian world as entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders.

In the Winter of 2014, I crowdfunded my most recent book, Collaborate: The Modern Playbook for Leading a Small Team to Create, Market, and Sell Digital Products Online, which raised over $12,000 in 30 days.

The book is now available. You can find a copy here..

Before Tom Morkes Was a Publisher / Entrepreneur / Male Model

Before life as an entrepreneur and publisher, I graduated from The United States Military Academy at West Point, NY.

At West Point, I majored in Russian and Human Geography with a track in Environmental Engineering. I also fought on the boxing team.

After graduating, I spent five years active duty as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army, deployed to Iraq as a Guntruck Security Platoon Leader, and eventually commanded a Company in an airborne unit where I got paid to jump out of helicopters – true story.

tom army

This blog is my way of applying what I’ve learned leading troops in combat to the world of entrepreneurship, writing and art.


During my years of active duty military service, I’ve learned no more important lesson than this: people need you to instigate.

Every team is waiting for someone to take point, to lead, to be the first to jump out of the helicopter.

Your opportunity is to be that leader.

I’m here to help show you how.

When you sign up for my free newsletter, you join me and the growing army of artists and entrepreneurs, taking the lead, fighting and winning the inner creative war to do remarkable, impactful work for the people who matter.

It’s not for everyone…

But it could be for you.

Click here to join.

I hope to see you in the fray.

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