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Jesse Krieger, founder of Lifestyle Entrepreneur Press and host of Bestseller Summit Online  

10,000 subscribers and 400+ Sales

"Before hiring Tom, my biggest concern was whether or not we'd get a critical mass of promotional partners on board. Fortunately, that fear did not materialize. Tom and his team reached out to hundreds of promotional partners, got commitments from upwards of 70 influencers, and even some companies that explored sponsorship opportunities. This ultimately resulted in close to 10,000 new subscribers, and more than 400 sales.

If you're looking for help with a launch, I'd say you'd be lucky to be able to get Tom because he's in demand, and he's up to speed on the leading changes in marketing, what’s working in terms of generating traffic, increasing conversions, and more. Tom has a great brand and he has good relationships in the space, which is a unique mix of characteristics. So if you’re looking for help on your next launch, definitely get in contact with Tom."

$453,803.00 in 33 days

"I hired Tom Morkes to lead the outreach and promotional efforts of my first physical product, "The Freedom Journal." What happened next exceeded my expectations: We were featured on dozens of big name blogs and podcasts, our press release was picked up by all the major networks, and we managed to get over 100 influencers to email their email lists about the launch.  

All in all, thanks to our heavy outreach and promotional efforts, "The Freedom Journal" raised $453,803 in just 33 days, becoming the 6th most funded crowdfunding publishing project on Kickstarter (and number 1 in the "non-fiction" category).  

Choosing Tom Morkes was a big investment, but in hindsight it was a no-brainer; we got way more than 10x our value and I couldn't be happier. Bottom line: if you're looking to do a large scale book launch, get in touch with Tom and his team ASAP so you can launch your book the right way." 

John Lee Dumas, founder of and author of the Kickstarter record-setter “The Freedom Journal”